It’s the perfect reading weather and I have so much homework -_- I’m not going to be able to read tonight, I’m gonna go and bawl my eyes out now

School is ruining my life, I really want to read right now but no my teachers give me a crap load of homework, ughh booknerd struggles

That Moment

That moment when you get to a part in the book and something happens and your heart just breaks and you sit there wondering “how in the world am I going to be able to move on from this?” You flip back a couple pages to see if what you really read was true and when you do realize its true, your heart breaks all over again. I think the best books are the ones are when you know exactly what each character are feeling,as if you were in the book too. When you can feel their heartbreak and pain, their love and happiness, and the loss of a loved one. Those kind of books are the ones that stick with you forever.

My mom asked me why I haven’t done my homework , I replied saying that my books were calling to me and that they are more important than my homework